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"Falling into Nowhere" is up and for sale on ITunes and Amazon.

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"Falling into Nowhere" has officially been released for distribution through CD Baby.  Click to download the full album.     Thank you for your continued support of D.A.D


This album will feature ten original Deuteronomy Anno Domini tracks.  Deuteronomy Anno Domini has been working hard this year while this album has been in production.  D.A.D. has been working hard with Jeff Gates, owner and producer of Soul Shack Studio to record and produce this album.  With the guidance of Ric Delozier of Rock Hard Distributors, D.A.D. has finally crossed the finish line and the album is ready for release.  Stay posted with D.A.D.'s latest news here and on our Facebook.

Deuteronomy Anno Domini would like to thank all of our loyal fans for your continued support.  Be ready for 2014.

Check out a special interview with Patrick Bailey, Lead Guitar for D.A.D., discussing the debut of "Falling into Nowhere" on Studio 321 The Riot, Gaston College's very own Student Operated Internet Radio Station and a Live 365 top 10 station.